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About Us

D. I. Ware Company is an eyewear company that designs, develops, and manufactures high-quality and beautifully designed glasses and sunglasses that bring successful business all over the world

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Our Mission

Better lives for everyone who takes part in the transformative journey of creating and experiencing extraordinary products.

Our Values

Delivering exceptional quality by combining talent, teamwork, innovation, and persistence.

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Established since 2005


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Production Capacity
200,000/ month

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10% Titanium and Injections

40% Acetate 

50% Metal

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Our Story

After working for more than 20 years in the biggest eyewear manufacturer in Hong Kong, our founder Mr Andy Cheung started D. I. Ware Company with a dream - to be a game changer as an eyewear supplying partner for our customers.

Andy and his team capitalize their experience and passion in creating beautiful high-quality eyewear to help customers to further expand their eyewear business. By being a better business partner that offers good price points, flexibility in cooperation, great services and creative products that outgame their competitors, we have been producing for many successful customers from France, Germany, Denmark, US and Japan.

Our Customers

Our customer base includes companies around the world within the optical industry as well as companies who are in apparel, jewelry, fashion accessories, phone accessories, and many other e-commerce retailers who extend their product offering to ready to wear sunglasses, readers, gaming glasses and blue light glasses.

We are passionate in helping companies to find and deliver the best quality eyewear and sunwear products that consumers love which bring more sales and success to their brands.

Reasons our clients love working with us

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We focus on Innovation strategy and quality

Our eyewear products are more premium to the touch and more refined on details compared to other products because of our innovative technology in our manufacturing process which are unique to us.

We design our Product for people

Focusing on building the best quality eyewear products for consumers, D. I. Ware’s engineering and design team put extra attention on construction, fitting, choice of materials, design, production process to ensure the best eyewear user experience that is functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Acetate glasses for Women

We create Products for a better future - ISCC + certified products

Focusing on building the best quality eyewear products for consumers, D. I. Ware’s engineering and design team put extra attention on construction, fitting, choice of materials, design, and production process to ensure the best eyewear user experience that is functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Through a meticulous production process, our product’s life cycle is much longer than regular products which reduces unnecessary wastage.

We manufacture eco-friendly products with the use of upcycled materials and bio-degradable materials which minimize the impact on the planet.

Dream Team

We are the dream team you’ve been looking for. We’re here to see your business thrive

Understanding it is daunting to work with suppliers overseas so as getting the right products, D. I. Ware is one-of-a-kind dream team that makes your buying process easier and more pleasant so you can focus on selling more and expanding your business.

Eyewear manufacturers in China

24-hour sales team from China and Canada offices. Get our contact information.

On-time delivery with weekly live production status report.

Professional design team support.

Innovative engineering and product development with fresh ideas every month.

Impeccable sales support from ideas to design, from drawing to prototype, from sample to production, from packaging to shipment and after-sales.

China glasses manufacturer

Happy Work Life

Taking good care of our staff is important to our success. We offer great compensation and benefits packages, safe working environment, training, opportunities, and fun activities to our talents that build great products and develop our business.

Our factory has been rated as satisfactory by many social compliance audits required by the biggest chainstore, fashion brands and online retailers in France, UK, US and Canada.

How do we develop concepts to final products step by step


MARKET RESEARCH: Detail investigation on your product concept, strategy, target audience, budget, competition and latest fashion trend in that particular market segment.


CONCEPT SKETCH: Creation and submission of concept sketch which includes construction, shapes, color, and design details.


AutoCAD TECHNICAL DRAWING: After approval of concept sketch, we develop AutoCad technical drawing to verify dimensions, technical details and specifications for prototyping


PROTOTYPE: First sample – Prototype will be produced for verification of construction, quality, fitting, and design which needs to match customers’ requirements and expectations. 

Customers will check all details and comment on changes in order to prepare for mass production and to ensure final products will be meeting consumers’ needs in their particular market.


QUOTATION: Submission and approval of quotation.


PLACE THE ORDER: Purchase orders from customers.


DELIVERY CONFIRMATION: Confirmation of delivery date and reception of deposit.


START OF PRODUCTION: Launching of procurement of materials and production.


PRODUCTION SAMPLE: Approval of production sample.


SHIPMENT: Shipment of final products.

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Contact us to see how you can create the best-selling eyewear and sunglass for your customers

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