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We offer a wide selection of high-quality eyewear products that cater to every client's need

Create the Perfect Eyewear for Your Clients

At D.I. Ware, we strive to provide you with eyewear and sunglasses that don't just look great, but also offer maximum comfort and performance. Our frames are crafted with precision and care using only the finest materials, including durable acetate, metal, injection nylon and titanium, and robust hinges to ensure that our glasses are built to last. Combining your unique product concept, creative design, the highest quality components with the latest production technologies, you can trust that our eyewear and sunglasses will provide superior performance compared to other products on the market.

Metal glasses for Men
1. Specialized Design
2. Cutting-Edge Technology
3. Dedication to Sustainability

Our Latest Products

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Lamination eyewear which allow us to cut and paste acetate like playing with puzzle.

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High-density acetate eyewear, super lightweight, strong and durable like nylon frame yet carrying all the possibility of acetate colors effect.

Optical Glasses

D. I. Ware’s acetate eyewear products are made from the highest quality cellulose acetate materials obtained from renewable sources such as varieties of trees and cotton liners. Allow your creative ideas to go wild with D. I. Ware’s unique executions and technologies such as:

Acetate Optical Frames
Titanium Optical Frames

Titanium is the lightest yet super strong metal available which is also nontoxic and hypoallergenic. Thin, strong and in its’ finest finishes, titanium eyewear is the best option for customers for everyday and for a long period of time.

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Japan Gold super shine finish titanium.

Metal Optical Frames

D. I. Ware’s metal optical frames are made of strong yet flexible stainless steel and coated by highest quality paint from Switzerland in our dust-free laboratory which offer a premium look and the finest touch.

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High-definition digital printing optical frames.

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Multi-tone paint execution.

Sunglasses manufacturer
Acetate Sunglasses

Blending the latest fashion trend with D. I. Ware’s innovative technology and executions, developing acetate sunglasses has never been so exciting.

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Diamond-cut sunglasses.

Metal Sunglasses

Strong, lightweight metal sunglasses with the finest finish and highest quality sun lenses. We manufacture both RXable sunglasses and ready-to-wear optical quality fashion sunglasses.

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Lamination sunglasses.

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Bleulight Glasses Reading Glasses_2
Readers Glasses

High-quality readers which are durable, fashionable and functional.

Bluelight Glasses

We use high-quality bluelight lenses that block harmful bluelight and help to protect your eyes, avoid headaches, and improve sleep.

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