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Sustainability & ISCC

Take part in building a better planet with us by developing your ISCC + (International Sustainable & Carbon Certificate Plus) optical and sunglasses product

Sustainable glasses production

At D.I. Ware, we follow strict rules and specific guidelines on management and human resources to comply with the ISCC + requirement

Learn more about how you join the program from ISCC official website:

Renewable acetate

Renewable Acetate for Sustainable Eyeware

Consumers are getting more and more concerned about whether their purchases are eco-friendly or sustainable.  Offering certified sustainable products helps capture the trend and minimize the impact on the environment. 

D. I. Ware is one of the early certified eyewear manufacturers in China since October 2021. 

Working with Mazzuchelli, a renowned acetate materials supplier from Italy, our ISCC+ eyewear are made of Acetate Renew, made with 40% recycled plastic and 60% biobased content from renewable resources. 

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Sustainability and ISCC+ Products FAQs

  • What does D. I. Ware stands for
    D for design, I for innovation. We are a company of products (ware) of design and innovation.
  • Where do you ship products from?
    We ship our products from Hong Kong.
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