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Design and R & D

We place significant emphasis on investing in the design and R&D departments, which are critical components of our business success

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Creative Design Team

Beautiful designs that excite consumers and capture the market trend is our key to best selling products.  Our designers work closely with customers to understand different markets’ needs and to research unique ways of making a brand stand out by creating new features which include but are not limited to shape, color, construction, details, the touch and feel.

Ingenious R & D

Stay ahead in the market by investing projects R & D on new materials, new constructions, new concepts, and pioneering manufacturing technology.

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How R & D Benefits Your Business?

Innovation: Through R&D we develop new materials, designs, and features for your products, which can differentiate you from competitors and attract more customers.

Improved Functionality: By investing in R&D, we can develop lenses and frames with improved functionality, such as better durability, scratch resistance, and UV protection, which can enhance the overall user experience

Cost Effective: Allows us to identify ways to reduce production costs, such as through the development of more efficient manufacturing processes or the use of less expensive materials.

Customization: We continuously develop custom-made lenses and frames that meet the unique needs of individual customers.

Sustainability: Allows us to develop more sustainable materials and processes, such as using recycled plastics or reducing waste in the production process. 

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Case Study: Eyewris

Realization of product concepts inspired from ‘snap bracelet’ to reading glasses you will never lose.

The journey of developing Eyewris is challenging yet enlightening.  Working from a concept from scratch, it took countless trials and errors to create this special mechanism which allows Eyewris to be functional, durable and beautiful.  The Eyewris project has won the following design awards:

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Red Dot Innovative Award 2022

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A’ Design Award Gold Winner 2022

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New York Product Design Award Gold Winner 2022

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Muse Design Award Silver Winner 2022

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